About Us


Welcome To Multicrete and we are committed to the development of all our employees regardless of race, creed, colour or gender and in line with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act which places additional emphasis on historically disadvantaged groups.


Multi Crete Bricks (Pty) Ltd is a nationwide brick manufaturer located in Brakban, Gauteng and has been supplying the construction industry with the highest quality brick products since 1995.

Multi Crete Bricks (Pty) Ltd is SABS tested and deliver a convenient one stop shopping experience for customers pertaining to premier brick quality, competitive prices and brick transport via All Brick Trans.

Multi Crete Bricks (Pty) Ltd selects only the finest raw materials and boast with their own Crushing Plant. This ensures that our daily brick making processes are finalised on our premises under the supervision of our competent staff.

Because we care about always supplying our customers with products of consistent quality, all of our products are professionally tested and scientifically graded. By having these tests done, we can confidently say that we always provide products of the highest standards.

Our customer base consists mainly of construction companies and smaller hardware stores, although we also supply to other customers, such as landscapers. We also supply our products to brick factories, including factories that cater to the low cost housing project market.

For our customers’ convenience, our sand and stone products are manufactured according to specification, and the location of our quarry is ideal for construction projects taking place in the Gauteng East Rand and surrounding areas.

Because we always strive to accommodate our customers, our services include transport arrangements (where required) for product deliveries to or on behalf of customers that do not have their own transport.

Affordable solutions for better living


We are continuously engaged in projects for the rehabilitation of our quarry area and in so doing fulfilling our environmental obligations.

providing customers with world class products and services at all times

participation and empowerment, with a strong focus on skills development, recognition and reward

acting with integrity and with concern for human dignity, trust, respect and fairness

making social investments in communities

acting responsibly with regard to the environment

providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

ensure product awareness and professional advice to customers at all times

ensure we deliver excellent service to our customers at all times

ensure mutual respect between our customers and ourselves

ensure that a positive attitude is portrayed internally and externally

ensure a professional image is portrayed in the market place

ensure we are recognized as the power house in manufacturing and distribution in the building industry

Think of us as your personal design assistant!